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Web Site Design

Elm Place Limited offer a complete web design service, from planning each detail of your site, to launching it with the minimum of fuss. We do not build our sites from existing templates, but instead begin each one from scratch. This ensures that a site can be as unique as required, and we need not compromise on areas of design simply to fit a template. Our main concern, however, is accessibility. Quite simply, a web site described to work best with browser X, at resolution Y, has a limited audience. Careful programming and extensive testing are the only ways to eliminate browser dependencies, and we pride ourselves on the fact that all of our sites remain well presented and user-friendly regardless of the viewer's software or preferences.

Many people choose to surf the web with features such as JavaScripting or graphics disabled; others may be using older browsers that cannot support these features. With so many weird and wonderful browsers in use, you simply cannot afford to design for just one. With this in mind, we can advise how best to organise your content into an intuitive, predictable, and universally portable web site.

Designing a new site begins on paper, either on-site or here at Elm Place. When we have gathered sufficient content to begin production, we ensure regular contact with the client, enabling them to request alterations as and when they feel it necessary.

During the last stage of production, we are able to put the site online under a temporary address to complete 'live' testing, before moving it to its final published address. Once your site is launched, we can offer tuition in managing and maintaining your web site, providing a selection of freeware tools to get started, and advise on suitable commercial packages for more complex maintenance.

If you wish to receive any more information or would like an individual quotation, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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