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Company Profile

Elm Place Limited was founded in 1989 to provide computer services to businesses in and around Bath.

The company's aim is to increase the community of satisfied computer users by helping them to select the most appropriate system for their business, assisting them in setting up their systems and giving them confidence to manage the systems productively. It offers services tailored to clients' needs where the system supplier cannot provide them economically. It is not a computer dealer, takes no profits or commissions from trading in hardware or software, and recommends off-the-shelf solutions where these are suitable and cost-effective.

Where ready-made systems or components cannot be purchased, Elm Place Limited can provide design and programming to meet all its clients' needs or, in many cases, just the "glue" to make standard hardware and software products work in harmony. The company's strengths are in Unix systems and in personal computers using DOS or Windows and it is able to draw on its Principal Consultant's forty years experience of the computer industry. The company maintains its expertise by also providing design and consulting services to the computer industry.

Where possible, fixed fees are quoted and agreed before projects commence, but services can also be provided at agreed hourly or daily rates. Charges depend on the nature of the work to be done.

The company's clients include:

Bullet Management Consultants
Bullet Business Support Agencies
Bullet Finance Brokers
Bullet Engineering Industry
Bullet Local Government
Bullet Schools
Bullet Accountants
Bullet Retailers
Bullet Music Industry
Bullet Illustrators
Bullet Building Trades
Bullet Computer Software Developers
Bullet Data Communications Suppliers
Bullet Private Individuals.

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